Our service can help in the following ways:

EARLY YEARS (pre birth-5 years)

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We provide one to one support for families during ante-natal and post-natal periods to ensure healthy pregnancies, good emotional well being, strong attachments, support for breast feeding and the home learning environment to ensure school confidence and readiness.

It is provided by trained and experienced parent volunteers to support on a one to one basis, in the home.

SCHOOLS SERVICE (5 years-16 years)

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a) Primary - support for children in the transition from home to school, support in and out of school with learning, access and participation with positive activities, building self esteem and confidence.

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b) Secondary - support for young people in the transition during the important first year of high school, support with learning in and out of school, support to access and engage with positive activities, support to access higher education.

It is provided by tranied and supported volunteers who are able to work on a one to one basis with individual children and young people, acting as buddies or mentors.



Support for the whole family - siblings, parents, carers, kinship carers. Support in the home, accessing services, support with healthy lifestyle, access to learning opportunities and into employment services, building confidence and self esteem.

It is provided by trained and supported experienced parent volunteers who support the whole family.

How do I go about getting support:

Contact us to request support or ask to be referred by your health visitor, GP, school nurse, Children's Centre worker, family support worker etc. Our Support Officer will call to see you at your home to discuss your needs and then will carefully match your child / your family with one of our volunteers. The volunteer will visit on a regular basis after you have decided together how you wish to be supported.

Useful Internet Links for Parents:




https://childmind.org/topics-a-z/guides/ for useful parent guides

Information from the Safeguarding Children Board. Including "The Fight Against Child Sexual Exploitation" and "Information for Parents re Sexting".

For early help, information, advice and support for individuals and families, contact: Cooperative Working in Stoke-on-Trent:
Telephone 01782 232200 or email: cw@stoke.gov.uk

“Secure, nurturing, loving, reliable family environments are crucial for the health and well being of children, adults and the wider communities.”